Metrobloggen – integrated ad revenues?

So a Swedish newspaper launches blogging support – Metro (you probably know it – it’s the free newspaper company that originally started in Stockholm) has launched what they call “Metrobloggen”. This is basically a bloghosting solution but with integrated ad-revenue + they combine it with their printed media in the form of “blogger of the month”.
The revenue you can earn from hosting your blog there is minimal – 3 Swedish öre per pageview (about 0,003 us cents) – and you would need a staggering amounts of views to get anything.

I doubt this set-up as it seems likely that no “hardcore” bloggers would actually use the service, and the threshold to start using Blogger is now pretty low. The success might be based on the combination of their printed media with the online blogsite + getting some celebbloggers on there.

The website is here (in Swedish though!).

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