One peak experience ends – I’m no longer President of AIESEC in Sweden

In a few minutes, the major part of my AIESEC experience will have ended. Over the next few days and weeks I am sure that I will have plenty of time to reflect on this, so I will not use this moment to really share what the experience meant to me – however the feeling I have right now, of leaving something that I have been so much part of and that has been such a big part of me for now well over four years is quite a strange one.

AIESEC – the organization, the goals and the people within – have been my calling for the past years and it's been what I've spent my resources on – money, time and sweat (+ some blood & tears). I'm somehow both happy and melancholic about leaving it. Happy because I feel I certainly did the most out of it as well as contributed a lot to the organization. Melancholic because I'm leaving one of the most intense, rewarding and challenging periods of my life behind and starting a new one.

However, I guess you never truly leave AIESEC completely behind. I hope that I'll be still be invited to some conferences or alumni dinners. If not – I guess I'll just have to make sure I start a company that's rich enough to sponsor my way in 😉

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