Ramadan mubarak!


In most places in the world Ramadan have already or will soon be starting. It is the month where the Qu’ran was revealed and it’s one of the most holiest months. To all my muslim friends around the world, I just want to wish you a great month ahead of introspection and spiritual connection. 

A couple of years back I experienced ramadan closely when living together with a muslim girl and deciding to adhere to the rules of Ramadan. Since I don’t pray, I instead focused on meditating more intensively as well as fasting. I also wrote a few reflections on fasting in different religions and my own personal experience of Ramdan

Having a period of increased introspection and reflection is not a bad thing, and removing or limiting food is one part of focusing your mind. It’s something you could easily try yourself, even being an atheist or agnostic. If a month sounds long, then why not a week?

Photo by Ranoush.

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