What is the story you’re telling yourself? Which story are you ready to give up everything else for?

The other night, I watched the movie Juno, again. It's a beautiful movie with a great soundtrack and some really cool acting, especially by Ellen Page playing Juno. If you haven't seen it, it's a sure feel-good film to watch. 

At the turning point of the film, Juno is frustrated by a break-up and asks her dad whether it's truly possible for people to stay together for ever. She is desperately calling for a such story to believe in. In the end of course, being a feel-good movie, it that is also that story which plays out. 

In the past year, I spent a lot of time looking at the story that people tell themselves and each other within an organizational context. It struck me that these stories people tell are terribly powerful. They shape individual behaviour and they shape organizational behaviour. 

I also realized, that deciding to go back to Sweden was a choice based on that I needed a break from the story that I was telling myself at that point. Likewise, now going to India is part of a story that I'm hoping will unfold.

Some stories in our lives, thus, brings great positive value. Some stories holds us back. Many stories we let ourselves be told to believe – such as many of the ones we see on TV or in movies.

So, how to relate to Juno's story? It is one that many of us so desperately wants to tell ourselves. That we'll find someone to stay with forever. It's clearly possible. Is it something worth changing our other stories for? Is it something worth giving up our stories for?

What do you think? What stories do you burn for? What stories would you sacrifice everything else for? Is it the same as Juno's?

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