Seize the day – become a nudist & vegetarian!

Harvie’s optimism began to crumble 
He thought about fate’s horrible dealings 
How he felt powerless 
A victim to the world 

He wondered if he should just throw it all in 

“Seize the day, Harvie! Seize the day! Carpe Diem.” 
The simple profound word struck a chord 
Harvie decided to turn his world upside down and back to front, again! 
He stopped believing in fate and did exactly what the statue said 

He felt free and alive and joined a nudist group! 
He became a vegetarian and joined an animal liberationist society 
Liberating chickens and their eggs 
Harvie didn’t just seize the day, he was strangling it! 

From Harvie Krumpet by Adam Elliot 

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