My Very Own Futuristic Townships

The Times of India Property, January 7, 2012:

"Real estate firm Ireo also claims to be developing some townships which are futuristic in nature. 'As one of India's largest private equity FDI investors in real estate development, we have always had a very clear vision of resetting the bar in terms of quality of life provided to homebuyers in India, bringing it on a par with the best in the world. In pursuit of this vision, we recognize that individual gated community property developments in India often face challenges due to inadequacy of ambient township infrastructure like service road networks, sewage treatment, traffic planning, data-telecom cabling, etc. This often means that it becomes difficult to provide a holistic living experience to residents, since there is a limited ability to control the environment immediately outside the boundaries of the gated community,' says a spokesperson of Ireo"

Italics not added for emphasis.

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