Video: Neo-nazi kids

At 29m54s is when it turns quite scary, though hardly surprising. HOWEVER, a more subtle interesting thing happens at 42m05s when they ask the documentary maker – “who do you usually date? do you usually date white women?”. They think they’ve made some great point about how he should be a racist too, but rather the point they’re making (in my eyes) is how race (even in the unconscious actions of a self-confessed “multiculturalist”) is still very much material. Despite living in the UK (I assume) and probably in London (I assume) and despite being a “multiculturalist” this white boy, dates white girls.

2 thoughts on “Video: Neo-nazi kids

  1. Interesting video, but I´m not sure I understand your point about racism being material. I mean, aside racism there are a bunch of things that influence us and I think you can be a “multiculturalist” and still be naturally attracted to a certain type of person, is just natural to me (despite yes, there are a lot of stereotypes behind most of our preferences).

    • Well, that’s the point exactly – our preferences are subject to a socialisation, which, in the current context is racially segregating. The same type of behavioural and cognitive patterns behind a white boy dating only white girls, is the patterns that ensure that people of colour or ciswomen are routinely discriminated in the workplace through lower salaries or lack of promotion or what not. If you cannot break through that thinking and identify your own patterns of racism for all your multicultural ethic and discourse you are still just promoting (in a more insidious, “invisible” way) the same type of race, class and gendered system we have today.

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