First day of 2011

One of the traditions I’ve been putting in place is to spend some day in the beginning of each new year thinking about what I want the next year to be like, what I aspire to do and where I’d like to be. This year I decided to seek out some nice spot to do this reflection on, already on the first of Jan. I decided to head to Jodhpur in Rajasthan, and I found a nice guest house with a roof top (and not too many other occupants):

So, from now I’ll just eliminate all distractions and get some time with my laptop 🙂 

Happy new year everyone!

Whatever you’re doing I hope that you’re spending the New Year in a way that satisfies you. Myself, I will be spending my New Year’s eve on a train going through Rajasthan and the subsequent days spending reading and reflecting on the past year – and thinking about what I want to do for the next. 

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Because I really like sunsets, I figured I’d send a little New Year’s greeting in the form of sunset !