Coffee consumption per capita…

Rank Country Coffee Consumption
1  Finland 12.0 kg
2  Norway 9.9 kg
3  Iceland 9.0 kg (2006 data)
4  Denmark 8.7 kg
5  Netherlands 8.4 kg
6  Sweden 8.2 kg

Now, why is it that the Scandinavian countries (+ fake Scandi Netherlands) have the largest coffee consumption per capita…

Could it be that it’s so dark and cold that it’s all but necessary to have that amount of coffee?

Let’s go for coffee… and be online!

So, social networking has officially taken over my life. Me and Björn met up for coffee today, and about 10 min into the “fika” (check-out your local swedish dictionary for the defintion) we’ve brought out our laptops and are intesively surfing on facebook and bebo… jeeze…

Björn is looking geeky! This is btw quite a nice café, plush couches and quite a neatespresso. Though, they have no WiFi, when will coffe shops learn that the only way to exist now is to have free wifi?

If you want to go here anyway, it’s on Fridhemsplan in Stockholm 🙂

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