Beautiful New York City timelapse video

Ok, so I’m a sucker for timelapse videos. What can I say?

Places I’ve been – New York

In 2010 in June I traveled to New York. It was a slightly unplanned trip that I took from Boston/Cape Code where I was staying and I had no real plan coming there, but New York showed it’s best face and gave me a good time. I met a Tibetan monk, two french girls and a great friend. I had some interesting discussions and some great walks around the city. The best part of it all was that it gave me an energy and a buzz.

Btw. not to be missed: The High Line park, beautiful place a summer afternoon!

Here’s my trip on Google Maps & the pictures I took:


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Flying back from US

Heading back to Sweden today after a great time in the US, I guess one day I'd might get more time to write a bit about it, however, some highlights:

  • Watching whales
  • Summer vacation full US-style in the Cape & the Vineyard
  • Walks through European-style Boston
  • Coffee in High Line park in New York
  • Random night with a Tibetan monk and two new french friends in Chinatown
  • Brunch walk in Brooklyn 
It was very well needed and a great escape, I feel re-energized and re-invigorated! 

Now on to the next steps, it never stops 😉

New York full of energy & life – feeling quite reinvigorated!


New York full of energy & life – feeling quite reinvigorated!