One peak experience ends – I’m no longer President of AIESEC in Sweden

In a few minutes, the major part of my AIESEC experience will have ended. Over the next few days and weeks I am sure that I will have plenty of time to reflect on this, so I will not use this moment to really share what the experience meant to me – however the feeling I have right now, of leaving something that I have been so much part of and that has been such a big part of me for now well over four years is quite a strange one.

AIESEC – the organization, the goals and the people within – have been my calling for the past years and it's been what I've spent my resources on – money, time and sweat (+ some blood & tears). I'm somehow both happy and melancholic about leaving it. Happy because I feel I certainly did the most out of it as well as contributed a lot to the organization. Melancholic because I'm leaving one of the most intense, rewarding and challenging periods of my life behind and starting a new one.

However, I guess you never truly leave AIESEC completely behind. I hope that I'll be still be invited to some conferences or alumni dinners. If not – I guess I'll just have to make sure I start a company that's rich enough to sponsor my way in 😉

Philip Zimbardo: The Secret Powers of Time

Do you remember the good old times or do you focus on regret?

Rather, you might be hedonistic or fated?

Or, do you trust in the future?

I find the times that my mind is pre-occupied with the future I feel better and I am more successful.

Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums

As social entrepreneurs tackle services delivered by government in the traditional recipe of states what starts to happen? Radical innovation occurs, old norms and ideas are challenged and things can move fast. I begin to wonder more and more about what kind of role of government we will see in the future.

Arguably – an education system built on fun, games and motivation, pull rather than push, seems a much more interesting proposition. The fact that government arranges this as a service (thus becoming a must) means that .

What do you believe is the role of government in the hubs of the places where the world grows?

Life & ryanair have some weird symmetries: I used to travel to NL to go to BE now I travel to BE to go to NL

Starting yet another Ryanair-supported treck to the European
mainland 😉 Feels good to leave Sweden !