Be somewhere different, Do something else, Feel something new, Get to know someone old!

Secret to happiness? Nah… just something that popped up in my head!

Flying back from US

Heading back to Sweden today after a great time in the US, I guess one day I'd might get more time to write a bit about it, however, some highlights:

  • Watching whales
  • Summer vacation full US-style in the Cape & the Vineyard
  • Walks through European-style Boston
  • Coffee in High Line park in New York
  • Random night with a Tibetan monk and two new french friends in Chinatown
  • Brunch walk in Brooklyn 
It was very well needed and a great escape, I feel re-energized and re-invigorated! 

Now on to the next steps, it never stops 😉

Guy Walks Across America

Home is wherever with you, so where are you?

Travelling differently

Coelho has 9 great tips about how to travel differently on his blog, and I agree with everyone of them.

Finally, I’d add no 10 – Savour. Make sure you stop and watch an interesting building, smell the trees, take a picture that makes you think about something or write a note in your journal. Take time to walk slowly and don’t worry if you don’t see everything on your list – you can always have a reason to return!

New York full of energy & life – feeling quite reinvigorated!


New York full of energy & life – feeling quite reinvigorated!

What could use some long exposure in your surroundings?

These photographs ( makes me think about time and continuity – what in your surroundings are fixed, giving away light from it's set position over long-periods of time? 

The fixtures of our lives are not only scaffolding but also a constant source of light (& darkness?), it might be useful to put up a camera to them with long-exposure time so we can make them out from all the traffic, mess and movement that surrounds them. 

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