How to improve human-glacier relations (they’re pretty bad)

Ever wondered how to better interact with glaciers?

PS. I love that my new MTNL 3G sim allows me to stream (yes, stream!)
TED talks to my cell. Even our fixed line broadband at work can’t do
that. DS.

Art Project, powered by Google


The Google Art Project – – is clearly a divergent distraction worth spending a few hours on…

What could use some long exposure in your surroundings?

These photographs ( makes me think about time and continuity – what in your surroundings are fixed, giving away light from it's set position over long-periods of time? 

The fixtures of our lives are not only scaffolding but also a constant source of light (& darkness?), it might be useful to put up a camera to them with long-exposure time so we can make them out from all the traffic, mess and movement that surrounds them. 

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