Simple five step plan for just about everyone and everything

The number of people you need to ask for permission keeps going down:

1. Go, make something happen.

2. Do work you're proud of.

3. Treat people with respect.

4. Make big promises and keep them.

5. Ship it out the door.

When in doubt, see #1.

The Virtual Assembly Line

There can be many opportunities provided by the possibility to create entirely new jobs by breaking tasks down and sending them far across the world is amazing. Even places where education is scarce, good employment can be created by smart application of this type of micro-outsourcing:

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What is your social networks driving you to?

Our social networks influence everything from happiness to how obese we are, in both direct and indirect ways.

More and more I think it’s crucial to let go of the idea that we human beings exist as independent entities. Social networks, mirror neurons and more research I’ve read recently seems all to suggest that our concept of us being disconnected individuals simply isn’t true.

it comes down to what’s in our heads


I guess it almost always comes down to what is in our heads, we choose how we perceive things, what meaning we attach to them & how we react to the events in our lives.

Craig Venter unveils “synthetic life”

We are able to make synthetic cells – eventually creating computer programs that allow us to create new life….