By the end of the day what would you wish to happen?

I caught this in my Facebook feed, and I kind of like it. Not so much because of some kind of emotional reaction to what they're saying, but rather because it illustrates how, sometimes, disconnected we can be from what really makes as happy. Still, I really like the question. 

Another question asked – what is your secret? – created some beautiful moments. "I am a lot better before you really know me" somehow really struck me:

These come from the originators of the Post Secret blog – an art project where you send postcards with your secrets which are then published on a blog. It's been around for an age and a half, but still I really like to look at it at times and peek into our lives behind the curtains.

On a similar notes, the beautiful project 6 billion others by Yann Arthus Bertrand – who also made Home, have a set of interviews on the theme "what are your dreams now?" (and many other topics), I find this one somehow even more moving & powerful. Watch it here

Internet can be a beautiful thing sometimes!

“HIV/AIDS and sex work in Asia: Listening to sex-workers | The Economist”… not quite

In an audio interview about sex workers and HIV/AIDS in the Economist they’re highlighting a conference focused on listening to the sex workers themselves. I’m happy to hear they have such a meeting, however, in the interview about it the only voice we here is … the Director of the UNAIDS program.

Still it does bring up the issue of legalization which is good, as prostitution seems to me an area where moralistic opinion normally is rampant.

Seize the day – become a nudist & vegetarian!

Harvie’s optimism began to crumble 
He thought about fate’s horrible dealings 
How he felt powerless 
A victim to the world 

He wondered if he should just throw it all in 

“Seize the day, Harvie! Seize the day! Carpe Diem.” 
The simple profound word struck a chord 
Harvie decided to turn his world upside down and back to front, again! 
He stopped believing in fate and did exactly what the statue said 

He felt free and alive and joined a nudist group! 
He became a vegetarian and joined an animal liberationist society 
Liberating chickens and their eggs 
Harvie didn’t just seize the day, he was strangling it! 

From Harvie Krumpet by Adam Elliot 

Looking to trade your beauty for a rich wife or husband? Think again, you’re an exponentially depreciating asset

Title: What should I do to marry a rich guy?

I’m going to be honest of what I’m going to say here. I’m 25 this year. I’m very pretty, have style and good taste. I wish to marry a guy with $500k annual salary or above. You might say that I’m greedy, but an annual salary of $1M is considered only as middle class in New York. My requirement is not high. Is there anyone in this forum who has an income of $500k annual salary? Are you all married?

I wanted to ask:
what should I do to marry rich persons like you? Among those I’ve dated, the richest is $250k annual income, and it seems that this is my upper limit. If someone is going to move into high cost residential area on the west of New York CityGarden(?), $250k annual income is not enough.

I’m here humbly to ask a few questions:Where do most rich bachelors hang out? (Please list down the names and addresses of bars, restaurant, gym)Which age group should I target?Why most wives of the riches is only average-looking? I’ve met a few girls who doesn’t have looks and are not interesting, but they are able to marry rich guys.How do you decide who can be your wife, and who can only be your girlfriend? My target now is to get married)
Ms. Pretty


Dear Ms. Pretty,

I have read your post with great interest. Guess there are lots of girls out there who have similar questions like yours.
Please allow me to analyse your situation as a professional investor. My annual income is more than $500k, which meets your requirement, so I hope everyone believes that I’m not wasting time here.

From the standpoint of a business person, it is a bad decision to marry you. The answer is very simple, so let me explain. Put the details aside, what you’re trying to do is an exchange of “beauty” and “money”: Person A provides beauty, and Person B pays for it, fair and square.

However, there’s a deadly problem here, your beauty will fade, but my money will not be gone without any good reason. The fact is, my income might increase from year to year, but you can’t be prettier year after year. Hence from the viewpoint of economics, I am an appreciation asset, and you are a depreciation asset. It’s not just normal depreciation, but exponential depreciation. If that is your only asset, your value will be much worried 10 years later. By the terms we use in Wall Street, every trading has a position, dating with you is also a “trading position”. If the trade value dropped we will sell it and it is not a good idea to keep it for long term – same goes with the marriage that you wanted. It might be cruel to say this, but in order to make a wiser decision any assets with great depreciation value will be sold or “leased”.

Anyone with over $500k annual income is not a fool; we would only date you, but will not marry you. I would advice that you forget looking for any clues to marry a rich guy. And by the way, you could make yourself to become a rich person with $500k annual income. This has better chance than finding a rich fool.

J.P. Morgan

Prisoners to get the vote for the first time in UK – maybe one day other countries would follow?

Prisoners will be given the vote in general elections for the first time in
140 years after David Cameron conceded there was nothing he could do to halt
a European court ruling demanding the change, The Daily Telegraph can

Thanks to a ruling in the European Court of Human Rights UK prisoners will now, against the wish of the government, get to vote.

If only countries like US (where in some states convict don’t even get their votes back after they finish their sentances!), Russia, Japan and India would take some inspiration.

From the most expensive private home on the planet to the tarpaulin roofs in less than a km

For those of you who aren’t following Indian news super closely, soon home of the more successful Amani brother, Mukesh CEO of half of the Reliance group (one of the largest companies in India) inherited (and split with his brother) from his father, will be completed.

This, mind you, is no ordinary home. In fact, it is seen as one of the most expensive, private homes built (I guess places like the Forbidden palace is somehow disqualified).

The building, estimated at a cost of 1 billion, is an extravagant layered creation, operated by 600 staff and with 3 helipads and whatnot else. The building is interesting no doubt. However, as you probably can imagine, it has raised quite some eyebrows. Estimates has it that almost half of Mumbai’s 16m citizens are living in slums. Certainly there are large amounts of them without proper sanitation or waste management.

Sure, in a free economy he does have any right to use his money anyway he see fits. I am sure he got his money under less exploitative conditions than Marie-Antoinette, but I do get the feeling that there is a clear “let them eat cake”-moment playing out here.