From the most expensive private home on the planet to the tarpaulin roofs in less than a km

For those of you who aren’t following Indian news super closely, soon home of the more successful Amani brother, Mukesh CEO of half of the Reliance group (one of the largest companies in India) inherited (and split with his brother) from his father, will be completed.

This, mind you, is no ordinary home. In fact, it is seen as one of the most expensive, private homes built (I guess places like the Forbidden palace is somehow disqualified).

The building, estimated at a cost of 1 billion, is an extravagant layered creation, operated by 600 staff and with 3 helipads and whatnot else. The building is interesting no doubt. However, as you probably can imagine, it has raised quite some eyebrows. Estimates has it that almost half of Mumbai’s 16m citizens are living in slums. Certainly there are large amounts of them without proper sanitation or waste management.

Sure, in a free economy he does have any right to use his money anyway he see fits. I am sure he got his money under less exploitative conditions than Marie-Antoinette, but I do get the feeling that there is a clear “let them eat cake”-moment playing out here.

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