By the end of the day what would you wish to happen?

I caught this in my Facebook feed, and I kind of like it. Not so much because of some kind of emotional reaction to what they're saying, but rather because it illustrates how, sometimes, disconnected we can be from what really makes as happy. Still, I really like the question. 

Another question asked – what is your secret? – created some beautiful moments. "I am a lot better before you really know me" somehow really struck me:

These come from the originators of the Post Secret blog – an art project where you send postcards with your secrets which are then published on a blog. It's been around for an age and a half, but still I really like to look at it at times and peek into our lives behind the curtains.

On a similar notes, the beautiful project 6 billion others by Yann Arthus Bertrand – who also made Home, have a set of interviews on the theme "what are your dreams now?" (and many other topics), I find this one somehow even more moving & powerful. Watch it here

Internet can be a beautiful thing sometimes!

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