Being (in)visible in the masses

Facebook is a big place. A big, big place. In big places – it’s hard to be a single person and stand-out of the crowd, but this is exactly what me and Björn have been trying to do over the past month. I must tell you, it’s not an easy thing – we’ve been out talking to the people we know, deepening our connections with them, getting to know new people, creating groups, publishing content and so on an so forth.

There are a few other people who’d like to be visislbe on facebook – and they’ve been doing it a bit differently. I’m talking about the major companies putting out ads in facebook – in the feeds, on the sidebar, through flyers and so on. What I’m thinking about is – which approach is the most effective one, the social route taken by me and Björn or the traditional marketing route taken by Verizon, or other ad posters.

I know which one I think is in the long-run.  Mashable seems to corroborate my opinion.

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