The age of conversation?

A conversation the other day with my friend Björn got me thinking, and I continued to think the whole day today as I took a walk. The internet has been said to have initiated the age of conversation, where the medium itself is a conversation between people, advertisers, politicians, corporations, and their cats.

I am working with a student organization and many, many of the organizations in this context (including to some extent my organization) has such a strong belief in the conversation. You create events, you have seminars, you discuss and you create awareness. Even at my previous job – it was about the conversation, albeit with a focus on action.

Then what is all this conversation leading to? Right now – it feels like more conversation and not the change that all this conversation wants to bring about.

So, the message is, simple, converse less and do more. How? Get off the internet, get on the streets, decide what you want to do and measure the result not by how much awareness you created but rather about how much you actually did to solve the problem. Easy? Not really, but then again nothing worthing doing is easy.

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