World Peace

Many of us when we grow up have put “World peace” on our wishlist for some (or all) birthdays and christmases. However, just as many of us put it up there many of us took it off once we grew up, become more mature and realized what the world is really about (making enough money to get a nice car, nice house and vacations in Mallorca).

Some of us, however, never take that point off the wishlist, rather they go out to make it happen. I just finished reading the book by & about Greg Mortenson, Three cups of tea,  which might not be the best piece of litterature ever written but is an interesting account of one story of a person who did just that.

Another story I came across a couple of weeks ago was that of Noko Jeans. This is the story of three guys who are attempting to produce jeans in North Korea. They are just now in North Korea trying to start up the process, and while they might not necessarily be on a mission of World Peace I think that this type of activity, trying to connect the outside world with a pretty closed country like Northe Korea is one that certainly does just that. You can read about their background and also follow their progress on their blog.

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