Business Development Gone Bananas

I usually go to a store quite close to my job (I never quite make it home for the 7:30 closing time of the store where I live), that is quite central and has long opening hours. I am not the only one working close by and needing to do shopping late in the evening so there are usually quite long queues to the cash registers. I don’t really mind these types of queues, because they’re an excellent opportunity to reflect and engage in some people-watching.


Yesterday, when standing in the queue, I noticed quite an interesting addition to the area around the cash registers. In the “impulse candy shopping area” there now was a big cardboard stand from Chiquita offering individual bananas for the hungry & tired shopper. How clever! Here – within easy reach – is a healthy, energy-rich alternative to picking up a Mars or Snickers – suitably placed for impulse purchases.

I quickly picked up a banana to support such a smart business development.

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