Video blog: Getting complete control over your INBOX

This is my first video blog post ! I’ll share my (and many others) way of getting and staying on top of your email:

As said in the video it’s really about having your e-mail as an incoming area, and then using your task manager as the one and only place to store tasks. Use the task manager for all the tasks that you have – both those that comes from your e-mail and those that you get from other sources like phone calls or meetings that you attend.

For e-mails you process all the incoming mails according to the different steps I outline: delete, archive, do, delegate or defer. Use the “Archive” feature in Gmail a lot – this is your best friend when trying to get in control. By writing all the action steps in your task manager you make sure that you don’t forget anything – this is essentially your second memory!

For those of you who want to dig into where I get these ideas from (they aren’t mine!) check out:

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