Stretch & Grow

One thing that really motivates me is being around people who wants to strive for more, stretch themselves and just doesn’t settle with the ordinary or the status quo. For a long time I couldn’t pinpoint that this is what I sought in people, but after having working in several business projects, joining AIESEC and going through university I realized that it was the people who stretched themselves that I was drawn towards.


It’s not about the people who have unique abilities, high intelligence, great grades or anything like that. It’s about people who sit down, decide to take what they know and what they have, and choose to use it to it’s max – and a little bit more.

Right now, I am sitting in a room surrounded by people from seven or eight different countries, each person having come here to work on a conference that we’re going to execute over the next couple of days. They have chosen all to take up a challenging task – creating sessions, building a conference, driving an organization forward – not because they have to, not because they get paid, but just because they want to stretch and grow.

So now I am excited and enthusiastic, because I know that I will share the next few days immersed in stretch-oriented, growth minded individuals.

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