Young Leader: AIESEC alumnus knows the secret of life (and exchange)

AIESEC alumnus knows the secret of life (and exchange)

If you ever been in AIESEC you know there is one phenomenon that is equal everywhere: when current AIESEC members meet the organization’s alumni, the alumnus almost always regard their period in AIESEC the best in the universe possible and giving the impression that the current AIESEC members don’t know what they are doing (and start giving advice – obviously not considering the current situation of the organization). It’s an illusion of the bright past, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that now that I am an alumnus, I can do the same!

So here are my hints for AIESEC, now that I am only an alumnus

Sergio shares his thoughts on how to improve AIESEC, even though I think the organization shouldn’t listen to everything us alumni say (especially recent – we think we know everything), Sergio does have some really valid point.

An area that I find especially interesting is to see how the social media strategy of AIESEC evolves, especially from the perspective that there is such a wealth of stories and conversations happening within the organization – and these are just waiting to be much more open forum. If I’d add my opinion to the mix I’d say the key thing is for AIESEC to let go of the idea that we’re doing social media for promotion or marketing – rather the tools that we provide internally in AIESEC should be ways of telling stories and engaging conversations, of connecting the tribe and allowing more people to connect with and join this tribe – whether they are partner representatives, alumni or university students.

I really hope that information management & online collaboration gets the maturity within the organization that other areas such as finances, planning or internal processes have got! And, with the current leadership I have a good hunch they just might! 🙂

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  1. Agreed. The thought of using it for marketing influences it all. If AIESEC maybe forgot the function and just made up something to connect and share, then the marketing might happen anyway 🙂

    good luck in India!

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