My electrician god


You know how people come to India to attain spiritual enlightenment and all that?

Well, I had no such intention, but today I believe I met a small hindu god in the form of an electrician. Yesterday night, as I came back at 2 am (after a very much delayed flight and a one hour wait for a taxi from the airport) I arrived dead tired to the apartment and found that there was no electricity in the apartment. Being way to tired to bother about it I just went to sleep and hoped for better luck the day after.

Normally, in any Indian middle-class household you'll have an inverter (basically a large battery) that tides you over during the regular power-cuts. However, as I woke up in the morning the power was still off. A couple of hours later the staff from the electricity company arrives – they say that there was no errors on their side and it was a problem of "private" sort.

So, another call to an electrician causes my god to arrive. Just as he entered the house, without even having touched any wiring the light and all the fans magically turn on in the flat!

Attached is Agni, the God of Fire, who's son, Pavaka, is the god of electrical fire. 

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