Death on the way to Europe

Since 1992, United compiled reports from journalists, academics, government sources, and NGOs. According to United’s work, there has been over 14,000 casualties within the “Fortress of Europe” since 1988.

The majority of these deaths – well over 11,000 – occurred before they even entered European territory (4,696 deaths in Africa alone). Nearly 10,000 drowned in the Mediterranean due to their ship sinking. These boats fall to the ocean floor from attacks either in open waters or near the coast, or from trying to flee from the police seeking to take the migrants in for questioning.

  • 864 died from thirst and hunger. The majority were either lost in the desert or drifting at sea;
  • Nearly 300 died from suffocation in a truck;
  • 254 were murdered;
  • More than 250 were crushed while either attempting to cross highways or by falling off a truck;
  • 215 died from frostbite;
  • Between 138 to 335 committed suicide by hanging, 4 died on hunger strikes and 33 by other means of suicide.

Some of the countries which, in the long term, will be in most need of a young, able, work force is ones in which a lot of the people fitting that very profile is dying while trying to reach to.

Thank to Madhura for sharing the link.

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