Using Google Voice with Skype and any international number through Rebtel


I love Google Voice, but since I travel a lot and Google Voice only routes to US-based numbers, I often find I can’t use it because I’m not connected to a US cell. However, using another great serivce – Rebtel (disclaimer: I used to work for them!) – together with Google Voice you can solve this problem (as well as do neat things like connect GV to Skype). Using them together gives you the following benefits:

1. All the benefits of Google Voice, but with ability of routing your calls to Skype or an international number

2. Ability to use Rebtel’s low call rates for international calls

3. Connect Google Voice and Skype through your Rebtel account

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Pat Phelan of Roam4Free have been working on a new updated service helping all us unhappy consumers who are spending too much money on roaming. They seem soon ready to launch and I’m looking forward to trying out this. You’re going to have the possibility of having several different numbers connected to the card – which can be useful to get the cheapest rates possible. I would get one of these and then connect it to my Rebtel account. Then people could call me wherever I am (using local phone numbers in their countries) and I would use UK or French numbers to call them.

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Loosening control good for Rebtel & VoIP

A lot of domains are taken over by disruptive force controlled by networks of people rather than single entities and it’s just waiting to happen to the cellphone industry. In US the operators have control over who can send SMS on the network they even control who can route calls to them and use this power to block VoIP users.

However – it seems that the inevitable change to this is coming – Truphone has recently got a court order that T-Mobile has to stop blocking their calls… Seems like even the mammoths of telecom will need to budge.

I think this is typical to what any industry will have to face as the power moves from huge corporations to smaller startups, communities of users and products that doesn’t need as much anymore to be created and spread.

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