Productivity: Intro

Up until a month or so ago (some weeks before I came to Belgium) I was having quite a huge workload. I probably spent somewhere around 20 hours per day working, 7 days per week.

A lot of that work was very interrupt-driven, I would get e-mails, phone calls (constantly), people asking me for stuff and so on. All this lead me to the necessity of developing a system for my own productivity and how to handle all this input.

I read a lot before finding my way of managing it and the tools for me to do so, but mostly it is the system that David Allen outlines and calls Get to Done. I still am just beginning to get it all working, but for the next couple of weeks I figured I would outline how I have been working with this.

For this first one I will just post some links to blogs that inspired me on my way to start discovering my own ways of dealing with life

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