So the weekend was spent in a relaxed way in the city, we both were kind of exhausted and the weather wasn’t much to cheer for which meant we cancelled the planned teaching-allison-to-bike session.


On Saturday we visited the quirky Museum of Musical Instruments on the Mont des Arts. The name pretty much describes what it is – a nice twist was that they gave you a pair of headphones that would tune in to samples of the instruments as you walked by them.

The roof of this beautiful art nouveau house has been turned into a restaurant where you get an amazing view of Brussels – clearly this place is something to visit if you’re in Brussels over a couple of days.

Sunday was spent working and reading and in the evening watching the football. As most people who know me would contest to I’m fairly uninterested in football but I have followed Allison as a support in the Irish sportspubs when she’s been the lone person cheering for Russia amid huge groups of Dutch and Spaniards. Too bad for Russia they just weren’t good enough.

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